Monthly Newsletter: March 2023

Lower Valley Operational Report: March 2023

As part of Lower Valley’s ongoing commitment to transparency in operations in our served communities, we have started producing monthly reports for public safety partners, municipal leaders, and the public.

Operations Breakdown

During the month, Lower Valley ceased being the primary EMS provider for the borough of Oakmont. We are saddened to see them go, but wish to thank Oakmont for allowing us to serve their residents for half a century. Still, this change allows us to focus on our other six communities – which has had positive outcomes on response times and staffing. We are pleased to announce we are in a sustainable position; our finances are stable, and we are starting work on a long-term financial viability plan with our municipal partners. Part of the purpose of these monthly reports is to reassure our commitment to transparency going forward.

During the month of March, 2023, Lower Valley serviced:

  • 399 total calls for service
  • 265 emergency (911) calls for service
  • 122 Wheelchair Van Transports

The call breakdown, by municipality, is as follows:

CheswickHarmar Twp.Indiana Twp.Springdale (Borough)Springdale Twp.Verona
21 (8%)99 (37%)25 (9%)39 (20%)13 (5%)41 (15%)
Total amount of calls and percent of Lower Valley’s total emergency call volume.

Lower Valley was assisted by mutual aid partners on 32 calls, or 12% of our total emergency volume, in March. However, this was always due to our ambulances being on other calls, and Lower Valley is never out of service. We aim to keep mutual aid below 15% of all calls, and consider this a good statistic.

We also serviced municipalities served by other EMS providers when responding as their mutual aid:

  • Blawnox Borough – 2 calls
  • O’Hara Township – 4 calls
  • Oakmont Borough – 16 calls*
  • West Deer Township – 2 calls
  • Lower Burrel (Westmoreland County) – 3 calls
  • Penn Hills – 1 call
  • Plum Borough – 1 call

*Note: Oakmont Borough switched EMS providers partway through the month; some of these calls may be before that switch.


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Thank You

And most of all, a sincere thank you to our residents who continue to support us every day. Without you, we wouldn’t of have made it these 50 years, and we’re hoping for another 50 of continued service.

Should any resident have concerns, questions, or comments, we welcome them! Please call our office at (724) 274-4155 during normal business hours.

For any emergency, dial 911.